TriWest Announces Investment in Strike Group Inc.

TriWest Announces Investment in Strike Group Inc.

September 30, 2015 – TriWest Capital Partners, in partnership with the senior management team, is pleased to announce that it has acquired a majority interest in Strike Group Inc. (“Strike Group” or the “Company”). This investment represents TriWest’s eleventh portfolio company in Fund IV and the first portfolio company in Fund V.

Founded in 2004, Strike Group is an energy service and construction company focused on servicing energy, transmission and distribution, pipeline and industrial sectors throughout Western Canada. Strike Group provides project construction, fabrication, pipeline and facility construction, plant and production facility maintenance and turnarounds, module assembly and installation, and electrical and instrumentation services.

Strike Group is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, employs over 700 people and has a network of 11 strategically positioned locations across Western Canada with multiple service offerings at certain locations. Strike Group provides an integrated service offering to its clients, with a focus on delivering exceptional execution. The Company strives to be a leader in the industry and has invested heavily in its employees, equipment, safety programs and community involvement.

“We are very excited to partner with the senior management team of Strike. They have an excellent reputation and are known as a market leader,” said Mick MacBean, Senior Managing Director at TriWest Capital Partners. “Our outlook for the business is strong and we look forward to working with management and growing this exciting platform investment.”

Strike Group President, Stephen Smith said, “Strike is excited to be partnered with TriWest. We are confident this new partnership will greatly benefit our customers, employees and strengthen the continued growth of our organization.”

About TriWest

Founded in 1998 and based in Calgary, Alberta, TriWest is one of Canada’s leading private equity firms, having raised over $1.25 billion in committed capital through five funds. TriWest makes significant equity investments in profitable companies and works in partnership with management to generate superior financial returns through the pursuit of growth opportunities and a focus on operational excellence. TriWest provides more than just capital. The principals of TriWest have significant operational and financial expertise, making us effective partners in creating shareholder value.

TriWest Capital Partners clarification on Globe and Mail article

TriWest Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in Calgary, Alberta, today issued a clarifying statement in response to an article that appeared in The Globe and Mail newspaper on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. The article “Fake names, big gains. Cheat, repeat” by Grant Robertson and Tom Cardoso describes investigations by the BC Securities Commission against real and fictitious individuals associated with a questionable organization whose name, Tri-West Investment, is unfortunately similar to TriWest Capital Partners.

Dino DeLuca, Chief Operating Officer of TriWest Capital Partners, confirmed that “TriWest Capital Partners is in no way associated with the Tri-West Investment organization nor the individuals mentioned in The Globe and Mail article”. “TriWest Capital Partners is one of Canada’s most highly respected private equity firms with our roots firmly based in Western Canada. We have successfully raised over $1.25 billion in committed capital since our firm was founded in 1998.”

TriWest Capital Partners’ is proud of its diverse group of portfolio companies, the management teams it partners with, and our commitment to our people and the community.