Triple M Housing


Lethbridge, AB


August 2013


Current TriWest Partner Company


Triple M Housing

Headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, and founded in 1981, Triple M Housing specializes in the construction of manufactured homes and modular housing. The Company manufactures residential homes out of a 230,000 sq. ft., purpose built facility. Triple M Housing builds a wide variety of modular and manufactured homes. Homes are built to conform to, and in many ways exceed, local and national building codes. Each home is built in the Company’s climate-controlled factory then shipped to the customer’s building site, where it is assembled by authorized distributors. Triple M Housing’s focus on quality drives the decision to use best in class engineering and products between the walls, beneath the floors and above the ceiling.

Triple M Housing strives to contribute towards the well being of North American society through their endless pursuit of excellence in designing and building the most comfortable and highest value new housing for home buyers.