Peloton Computer Enterprises Ltd.


August 2017


Current TriWest Partner Company


Peloton Computer Enterprises Ltd.

Founded in 1991, Peloton Computer Enterprises Ltd. (“Peloton” or the “Company”) has been a leading provider of well lifecycle and operations data management for the oil and gas industry for over 25 years. Peloton’s product suite includes the WellView, LandView, RigView, SiteView and ProdView software programs. WellView tracks wells from initial planning to final abandonment, and all the drilling, completion, and operating changes throughout a well’s life, including capturing and analyzing applicable data. The software also provides well schematics for planning and visualization. LandView tracks land-related interests for oil and gas companies such as, the status of current and planned wells and facilities, outstanding obligations, payments, royalties, current ownership and other related interests. RigView assists with rig and well project scheduling for drilling, completions, workovers, and testing. SiteView is a project management tool that helps companies plan and track budgeting, timeline and milestones, vendors and costs and more, it also seamlessly provides reporting tools for project managers. ProdView is an interactive, visual, production management system that tracks the physical flow of fluids through gathering systems, and manages the corresponding data, including providing regulatory reporting. Combined, these software programs provide a complete suite of tools to manage, simplify and optimize oil and gas operations.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Peloton has grown from its initial product offering of WellView to become the industry leader in well data management. The company currently serves more than 450 oil and gas clients across 6 continents, and continues to develop innovative solutions within and beyond its software suite.

TriWest Capital Partners clarification on Globe and Mail article

TriWest Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in Calgary, Alberta, today issued a clarifying statement in response to an article that appeared in The Globe and Mail newspaper on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. The article “Fake names, big gains. Cheat, repeat” by Grant Robertson and Tom Cardoso describes investigations by the BC Securities Commission against real and fictitious individuals associated with a questionable organization whose name, Tri-West Investment, is unfortunately similar to TriWest Capital Partners.

Dino DeLuca, Chief Operating Officer of TriWest Capital Partners, confirmed that “TriWest Capital Partners is in no way associated with the Tri-West Investment organization nor the individuals mentioned in The Globe and Mail article”. “TriWest Capital Partners is one of Canada’s most highly respected private equity firms with our roots firmly based in Western Canada. We have successfully raised over $1.25 billion in committed capital since our firm was founded in 1998.”

TriWest Capital Partners’ is proud of its diverse group of portfolio companies, the management teams it partners with, and our commitment to our people and the community.