Kayden Industries


Calgary, AB (Head Office)
Calgary, AB (Manufacturing Facility)
Fort Nelson, AB
Beaverlodge, AB
Houston, TX (U.S. Head Office)
Horseheads, NY
Williston, ND
Pittsburgh, PA
Denver, CO
Marietta, OH


December 2013


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Kayden Industries

Established in 1994, Kayden Industries LP (“Kayden”) is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of high volume centrifuges and supplemental equipment primarily for the energy industry. Kayden’s units are purpose built and are highly efficient at separating the drill cuttings from drilling fluid, thereby increasing drilling performance and extending the useful life of drilling fluid systems. In addition to the separation of drill cuttings, Kayden’s units are also commonly used for barite recovery. Kayden provides a compelling value proposition to its customers, who are able to drill faster and reduce their drilling fluid costs while mitigating the environmental impact of solids disposal. The trend toward deeper and more complex wells has heightened the need for Kayden’s product offering as E&P companies look for ways to enhance drilling operations.

In addition to the rental of centrifuge units and supplemental equipment, Kayden provides ongoing technical support services to its customers, either through full-time, on-site support by Kayden’s specialized technicians or through 24/7 access to Kayden’s off-site service representatives. Kayden also operates an in-house solids laboratory that provides particle size analysis and performance reports for its customers.

Kayden manufactures and maintains its centrifuge units from its facility in Calgary and services its customers from field locations in Alberta, British Columbia, New York, Ohio and Australia, and sales offices in Texas, Colorado and Pennsylvania.