Lithion Power Group


Head Office:
Calgary, AB

Operating Locations:
Calgary, AB
Houston, TX


April 2018


Current Portfolio Company


Lithion Power Group

“Founded in 1998 and based in Calgary, Alberta, Lithion Power Group (formerly HPC Energy Services) is in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing and selling primary lithium thionyl chloride, lithium sulfuryl chloride, lithium CFX and lithium CFX Mno2 cells and packs. Lithion manufacture’s non-rechargeable primary lithium cells specifically designed to work in high vibration/shock environments with temperature ratings of up to 225°C. In addition to cells, Lithion also assembles customized battery packs primarily using internally manufactured cells. Lithion’s battery pack products include data monitoring and transmission capabilities specifically designed to allow oil & gas customers to monitor downhole drilling conditions. These cells and battery packs are primarily used in the oil & gas drilling industry. More recently and building off Lithion’s newly developed cell technology, the Company has expanded into the pipeline pigging industry. Lithion is a market-leading, mission-critical power solutions provider with a highly differentiated technology built over years of field research and development and close interaction with end users.