Partnering with TriWest

Founded in 1998, TriWest is one of Canada’s leading private equity firms having raised over $1.25 billion of committed capital. We are entrepreneurial, independent and based in Western Canada.

The TriWest team consists of a small group of professionals with significant operational and transactional experience. We work closely with our management partners, together proactively putting in place a strategy that maximizes growth potential and value creation by emphasizing operational excellence and an efficient capital structure. TriWest acts as an effective sounding board for management without interfering in the day-to-day operations of the business.

The principals of TriWest have invested significant personal capital in each of our four funds and thereby have a vested interest in the success of every portfolio company.

Philosophy and Values

We believe that an exceptional, experienced management team is critical to the success of any business. With this in mind, we look to partner with management teams who are committed to the future of the companies they run and offer such management teams an opportunity for meaningful financial upside.

Investment Characteristics

Industry Focus

TriWest makes significant investments in established, well-run companies with a proven track record of success and a sustainable competitive advantage. We have experience in a broad range of industries, including the service, manufacturing and distribution sectors. We exclude from our target focus businesses in real estate, technology and primary resource development.

Form of Investment

Our investments take the form of equity that can be used to finance a transaction (e.g. management buy-outs and corporate divestitures) or to fund growth opportunities. Having raised over $1.25 billion of committed capital, TriWest is well positioned to provide follow-on equity capital to our portfolio companies if and when required.

Investment Size

We are seeking to make investments in companies with operating earnings/EBITDA in the range of $10 million to $50 million, or higher in certain circumstances. We are also interested in opportunities below this size range if they are a potential strategic fit with one of our existing portfolio companies.

Investment Horizon

TriWest does not have a mandated timeframe for each investment. That said, we have found that most investments span a four- to seven-year time period. We believe that the best way to maximize the value of our investments is to position each company for continued success well beyond our typical investment horizon. Therefore, we focus on sustainable, long-term achievements rather than short-term financial gains.